The Importance of Metabolism In Weight Loss And, How To Increase It?


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet many of us don’t take it seriously. We want to rush to work so don’t have time to prepare the breakfast and have it, or we don’t feel hungry as we ate late the previous night, or we think that we would lose weight if we skip that meal. But you must think twice before doing that, as breakfast provides us with energy that we need for the entire day and helps us feel full. Here is what you must eat for your breakfast to reduce belly fat.

1. Lots Of Proteins


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These are the nutrients that make us feel satisfied. As in, we don’t feel much hunger after having something full of proteins. When our stomach is empty, ghrelin is released but when it is released for a long time, the secretion stops and this sends a signal to the brain telling it that it’s very hungry which leads to release of gastric acid and gastrointestinal motility. These prepare themselves for even more intake of food. While, if you have proteins the outputs of ghrelin reduce and thus, you must include yogurt, egg or nuts in your breakfast.

2. Replace Sweet


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Cereals, loaf bread and muffins might be breakfast items but they have lots of sugar in them, causing an increase in blood sugar levels. But if you have something savory, like the leftover marina from last night, you will enjoy a balanced meal.

3. Add Fat


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By this, we mean the good fat. Healthy fats like the one in avocado, almond butter and nuts is essential for your health. Thus add a bit of it to your morning breakfast.

4. Add Vegetables


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High fiber in vegetables help with the bowel movements and thus, you must include it in your breakfast by chopping them into the sandwich or whipping them in an omlette.

5. Steel Cut Oats.


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Rolled oats are rolled flat into the flakes which gets rids of its nutrients but steel cut oats maintain those and give you a feeling of fullness when you have them. Oats also boost weight loss.



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